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Only ships owned by Turkish individuals or businesses that have a majority of Turkish shareholders and board members are eligible to be registered with the National Ship Registry.

The owner may need to choose a representative in Turkey to manage the registration process on their behalf if they are a foreign national without a residency permit.

  • Original bill of sale
  • Passport/ID copy
  • If the boat is built after June 16, 1998, CE declaration certificate will be required
  • Nationality certificate
  • Copy of customer declaration (For imported boat)
  • Number of Turkish Port Inventory
  • Tax ID number
  • Transit Log

You can get the provisional registration within a week.

That’s correct. The Turkish boat registration is issued on a high-quality paper.

The registration for recreational boats is valid for 1 year, whereas the commercial boats can be registered for 3 years.

Documents are accepted in Turkish language. If any paperwork is not in Turkish, they will need to be translated by a qualified translator and notarized. (We'll handle the official translation.)

There are usually no required inspections for recreational vessels. Nevertheless, it's crucial to check that the boat is in good condition and that all safety equipment is current and operating as it should. This covers equipment like life vests, fire extinguishers, and navigational lights.

Boats used in Turkey for commercial reasons, such as transportation or fishing, may be subjected to examination by the Turkish Coast Guard or other regulating bodies. Typically, inspections are performed to make sure the yacht complies with strict safety and environmental requirements as well as to confirm that all necessary paperwork, including insurance and permits, is in order.

Kindly provide us the following documents to apply for your MMSI license:

  • Copy of passport/ID
  • Copy of radio license or station license
  • Copy of Turkish boat registration

Yes. We can help you with modifying the owner of the Turkey flag. Kindly provide us the following documents:

  • Copy of passport/ID
  • Copy of notarized bill of sale
  • Original Turkish boat registration

We can help you with cancelation of the Turkey flag, provide us the following documents:

  • Copy of notarized bill of sale
  • Original Turkish boat registration

If a boat is longer than 12 metres or has an engine with a horsepower greater than 15, the operator must be in possession of a current boat operator's licence (Tekne Kullanma Belgesi).

Turkey may not require a boat operator's licence for vessels smaller than 12 metres or with engines under 15 horsepower.

Yes, you can register the boat for commercial or bareboat use.

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